Libvirt Security Notice: LSN-2017-0001

libvirtd crashes in virConnectGetAllDomainStats with empty cdrom


Reported on: 20170224
Published on: 20170224
Fixed on: 20170224


Reported by: Peter Krempa
Patched by: Peter Krempa

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When calling the virConnectGetAllDomainStats API on a guest which has a CDROM drive with no media present, libvirtd will crash on a NULL pointer access


An application can cause a denial of service by crashing libvirtd if a guest has a CDROM drive with no media


Avoid calling the virConnectGetAllDomainStats API, or ensure all CDROM drives have media inserted

Affected product: libvirt

Branch master
Broken in: v3.0.0
Fixed in: v3.1.0
Broken by: c5f6151390ff0a8e65014172bb8c0a8d312c3353
Fixed by: c3de387380f6057ee0e46cd9f2f0a092e8070875
Branch v3.0-maint
Broken by: c5f6151390ff0a8e65014172bb8c0a8d312c3353

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