Libvirt Security Notice: LSN-2013-0007

Crash listing inactive domains in Xen driver


Reported on: 20130805
Published on: 20130805
Fixed on: 20130805


Reported by: Jim Fehlig
Patched by: Jim Fehlig

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The legacy Xen driver code for listing inactive domains would start populating an array at index -1. This causes memory corruption leading to a crash of libvirtd


An unprivileged user can crash libvirtd by requesting a list of inactive domains on a Xen host


Prevent untrusted users from accessing libvirtd

Affected product: libvirt

Branch master
Broken in: v1.1.1
Fixed in: v1.1.2
Broken by: 632180d14f4a4934436ee4c9ebd8f6b8feed671f
Fixed by: 0e671a1646df543eab683b38f6644f70d12fbee1
Branch v1.1.1-maint
Broken by: 632180d14f4a4934436ee4c9ebd8f6b8feed671f
Fixed by: 673ff0d7ea937b104c67161843949e83b8080c3b

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