Libvirt Security Notice: LSN-2013-0005

Crash after querying vCPU count from guest agent


Reported on: 20130716
Published on: 20130716
Fixed on: 20130716


Reported by: Peter Krempa
Patched by: Peter Krempa

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When processing the response to a vCPU count query from the guest agent, a JSON object would be freed twice. This could result in a crash of the libvirtd daemon.


A user with permission to query the VCPU count could crash the libvirtd daemon resulting in a denial of service.


Prevent untrusted users from accessing libvirtd

Affected product: libvirt

Branch master
Broken in: v1.1.0
Fixed in: v1.1.1
Broken by: 3099c063e348fdc79a900f88bcfc5389dada7786
Fixed by: dfc692350a04a70b4ca65667c30869b3bfdaf034
Branch v1.1.0-maint
Broken by: 3099c063e348fdc79a900f88bcfc5389dada7786
Fixed by: cafcec2f5b0c9ff1dc573d798933ae453a15fa29

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